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ORACEA Capsules are precisely formulated for rapid and powerful results1

  • In a clinical study, results were seen as early as week 3 and continued through week 161
  • ORACEA Capsules can impact the inflammatory lesions of rosacea and did not induce bacterial resistance in a 9-month study

The precise formulation of ORACEA Capsules, 30 mg immediate-release and 10 mg delayed-release beads, provides:

  • Comparable efficacy to doxycycline 100 mg (an antibiotic dose)
  • No evidence of antimicrobial activity

ORACEA Capsules Efficacy

ORACEA Capsules are uniquely formulated for early and sustained efficacy in treating the inflammatory lesions associated with rosacea.

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ORACEA Capsules Tolerability

ORACEA Capusles are better tolerated than doxycycline 100 mg. Read about the favorable tolerability profile.

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